Andrews Securities

Andrews is the FINRA registered, managing broker dealer/selling agent of the Madison Capital Energy Income Fund III.

Madison Royalty Management LLC (MRM)

MRM is the asset management arm of Madison Capital Investments, LLC. Located in Madison, Wisconsin, MRM offers professional expertise as a manager of oil and gas royalty interests. Currently, the company actively manages royalty interest in excess of $37 million (cost basis), with assets located in 16 states and over 60 counties. Madison Royalty Management, LLC, will provide the following services:

  • Correct and record property deeds
  • Receive, review and approve, amend, correct, and contest any and all division orders necessary Collect and distribute all oil and gas royalty returns
  • Ad valorem tax administration
  • Collect and distribute any and all bonuses, delay rental, shut-in rental or royalty payments, or any other payments made under any oil and gas lease, mineral interest, or royalty interest
  • Provide assignment of documentation or other transfer documentation in connection with the assignment or transfer of any interest
  • Year-end reporting of tax information, including depletion information